About Me

I’ve always been interested in fashion, fit, and sewing. At a young age I watched my mother sew on her old black Singer sewing machine and I learned the basics of sewing from her. In high school Home Economics class, my education advanced and the flood gates opened. Every piece of clothing I saw whether in the store or on a body, I wanted to create myself. My alteration business began as a young mother of 4, needing to help with family income. I became fascinated how ready-to-wear garments were constructed and I enjoyed taking garments apart and putting them back together, so it looked untouched. My sewing career kept evolving until I found my niche in bridal sewing.

I am so grateful for Kathy’s business especially being in a rural area it was so convenient to not travel far. I came to her with a dress that needed A LOT of work and also wanting to add some sleeves. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable! Thank you Kathy for making my dress fit like a glove and making my dress dreams come alive!


My focus as a bridal seamstress is to help the bride turn a beautiful gown into a gown of her dreams. My goal is to provide a positive, stress-free environment and to encourage the bride to participate in the fitting process.

Schedule an appointment and let the fun begin!

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